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SERVPRO Spooks It Forward, Again

11/2/2018 (Permalink)

Our annual Pumpkin Decorating contest went off without a hitch for the third year in a row. We had an amazing turn out with almost ten pumpkins entered. We had a ton of people participating whether they were liking or sharing or the one who wanted to win. 

The past two years the stakes have been higher, because not only does the winner get a free lunch for their office; they get to give a charity of their choice get $200 donated from SERVPRO. 

This year the winner of the pumpkin decorating contest came from Williamsburg. They chose the Humane Society of Whitley County. 

SERVPRO loves helping their community during their time of need when it comes to water, fire, and mold damage. We love it even more to give back to our community whenever we can!

Your Appliances that Cause Water Damage

10/30/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage Your Appliances that Cause Water Damage Follow these tips to keep your home from water damage.

No one wants to wake up to water damage in their home. It's never a pleasant experience to see your dishwasher has flooded your kitchen, or your air conditioner has leaked. 

Sometimes, you may not even know these appliances could cause such huge water damages. Here are some more household appliances that are a water damage waiting to happen: 

  • Hot Water Heater-it's one of the top five sources and a yearly inspection by a professional can take that percentage down. 
  • Air conditioner- have a professional install a drain pipe to keep water damage at bay.
  • Washing machine- if there is a leak that is a sure sign for future damage. Replace your hose every five years to help prevent this situation. 
  • Refrigerator- the defrost drain can have a leak or clog so it's best to flush the drain with hot water. 
  • Dishwasher- adding too much detergent and having a dishwasher over 9 years old can cause it to overflow. 

We hope you don't have a water damage, but if you do call SERVPRO® of Pulaski and Laurel Counties today. We are certified and have water restoration trained technicians who are here to help!

Fire Safety Awareness for October

10/8/2018 (Permalink)

It's that time of year again where holidays are getting closer, you're cooking more, and fireplaces are being used more than ever. The month of October is all about Fire Safety. Take a look at these tips for staying safe:  

  1. LOOK for places fire could start. Take a good look around your home. Identify potential fire hazards and take care of them.
  2. LISTEN for the sound of the smoke alarm. You could only have minutes to escape safely once the smoke alarm sounds. Go to your outside meeting place, which should be a safe distance from the home and where everyone should know to meet.
  3. LEARN two ways out of every room and make sure all doors and windows leading outside open easily and are free of clutter.

We want you and your family to stay safe! Teach your family these tips to be aware for this upcoming season. 

Fire Damage Restoration in London, Somerset, Corbin, and many more!

9/28/2018 (Permalink)

Our team of trained technicians deal with fire and smoke damage daily at SERVPRO® of Pulaski and Laurel Counties. Cleaning fire and smoke smell is one of the most important activities that is required after the fire has damaged your homes and its contents.

Did you know?

Carpets, draperies, upholstered furniture and clothing usually can be refurbished after a fire, unless they have been scorched or severely water damaged. The most important thing to do is get professional help from a experienced fire smoke damage company. 

Smoke odor could remain in clothing, upholstered furniture, carpets and draperies unless it is properly deodorized. Our team have specialized Esporta machines to bring your items back to former glory. Call SERVPRO® of Pulaski and Laurel Counties as we are here to help!

Post-Construction Cleanup

9/27/2018 (Permalink)

Commercial Post-Construction Cleanup Call us for your post-construction cleaning!

SERVPRO® of Pulaski and Laurel Counties have built a reputation on trust.

Your local SERVPRO's are professional and fast to provide you with your post-construction clean needs. 

We have worked on school's, hotel's and other commercial businesses. We are equipped to handle mitigation issues --and even restoration services for water, mold, and smoke damages. We offer de-humidification as a part of our post-construction cleanup. We know there could be moisture issues, and we are trained to provide those services during your time of need. 

We want your first impression of SERVPRO and our services to be the best one yet. 

We are open 24/7, 365 and we are here to help make your post-construction cleaning and other needs "Like it never even happened."

Signs of the Mold that could be lurking in your Crawl Space

9/27/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO® of Pulaski and Laurel Counties are Here to Help!

A major challenge to any home or commercial building is keeping the crawlspace free of excessive moisture. With exposed dirt, drainage issues, or natural water sources often present, keeping a crawlspace free of the conditions that are ripe for mold growth are often very difficult. 

There are signs you may have mold in your crawlspace: 

  • high utility bill 
  • pest infestation 
  • extensive allergy symptoms 

At SERVPRO® of Pulaski and Laurel Counties we have the tools and training to remediate any mold situation that may be affecting your property. Working with owners of all different property types along with Indoor Environmental Professionals, we look for ways to eliminate water intrusions, provide drying and cleaning up services, and repair any items such as insulation or moisture barriers to make sure the crawlspace mold issue is properly remediated.

Not sure if you have mold or a crawlspace issue? Call SERVPRO® of Pulaski and Laurel Counties today to schedule a consultation. We do mold testing now too!

Residents of London, Somerset, Corbin, and other areas: Fire damage cleanup? Call SERVPRO.

9/27/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Residents of London, Somerset, Corbin, and other areas: Fire damage cleanup? Call SERVPRO. This is a fire job of a church clean-up, and it demonstrates the partially cleaned wall of where we had began to clean and the smoke damage present.

SERVPRO® of Pulaski and Laurel Counties continues to be the primary restoration company in water and fire damage cleanup. 

Our team of trained technicians are certified in fire damage restoration to bring you the best for your fire, soot, or smoke damaged contents and structure.

We don't just clean up after soot and smoke in our facility. SERVPRO® of Pulaski and Laurel Counties cleans and launders hundreds of items of clothing a day. Items that would have otherwise been discarded because of smoke or soot damage. 

Our Esporta machine, along with our Production Manager of Laundry, are top of the charts when it comes to cleaning beloved items of clothing, hats, children's stuffed animals, and even shoes. 

We have done hotel curtains, job training facility uniforms and other major jobs. We are a 365 service that is here to help when you need it the most.

SERVPRO takes on North Carolina's Hurricane Florence

9/27/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO travels to North Carolina with team to help customers impacted by Hurricane Florence.

Our team of certified and trained technicians left a week and a half ago to New Bern, North Carolina to help locals impacted by the hurricane. They left with a storm trailer full with equipment and supplies to help those in need. 

We are always honored to be a part of the storm team that travels to help those in need. We are graciously humbled to be a part of a 1,700 franchised company that goes from state to state helping those impacted by such catastrophic events. We never take it lightly to help these people who are going through such saddening times. 

We have been to several storms this summer, but this storm is bigger than any of those events. Our team intends to stay for a few more weeks as they continue to help our customers, or as long as it takes to make these damages "Like it never even happened."

To see more of our happenings at storm, visit the link below: 

Our Storm Video, of the team headed to New Burn, North Carolina.

Mold: the good, the bad, and the ugly!

8/29/2018 (Permalink)

There's a variety of ways to make sure mold doesn't get inside your home. Here are few ways to keep the mold levels as low as possible in your home or business: 

  • Controlling humidity
  • Fixing leaky roofs, windows, and pipes as soon as possible
  • Thoroughly cleaning and drying after flooding
  • Ventilating shower, laundry, and cooking areas

If mold is growing in your home or business, you need to clean up the mold and fix the moisture causing the mold problem.

**Mold growth can be removed from hard surfaces with commercial products, soap and water, or a bleach solution of no more than 1 cup of household laundry bleach in 1 gallon of water.

Call the professionals today!

If you want someone to take care of your mold damage efficiently and professionally --call SERVPRO® of Pulaski and Laurel Counties at 606-877-2160.

Have you gotten your ducts cleaned recently?

8/28/2018 (Permalink)

Sometimes we only think of HVAC cleanings for our own home. We want to keep our family happy and healthy. So, why not extend the same services to our customers. Dirty ducts can circulate mold, odor, and other contaminants throughout the building. Here are some concrete reasons why cleaning those ducts is the best way to go: 

Allergies- We all carry allergies through our lives. Flowers, grass, and other natural things in nature flare up our stuffy noses. Dust is another contaminant that can flare our allergies up which is why cleaning those ducts helps prevent those in our customers, employees, and our own selves.

Pets- We all love our four legged friends, but they shed. And, where does that hair go?                  It can head straight to our air ducts. 

Efficiency- During the drastic weather months of cold and hot, we want our ducts to run smoothly and efficiently. Did you know that getting your ducts cleaned can save you money, because like everything else, it works better when it's cleaned out.

We want the best possible service for our customers and calling SERVPRO® of Pulaski and Laurel Counties to clean your ducts is a great place to start!