Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage Restoration Specialists

This photo set includes our equipment that helps make us water damage restoration specialists. The pictures have air-movers which are high performance piec... READ MORE


It is a common question we gt asked about "Why SERVPRO?" The before and after photos above demonstrate that for us. This home had a burst pipe into their home d... READ MORE

Water Loss- Gone Right

In this photo you will see a Water Loss that went in the right direction. This family home had a ceiling leak and needed remediation. In the first photo there i... READ MORE

Water Damage in London, KY

This home was deeply impacted by water damage. The floor of the home had water that seeped under the back of the wall. The insulation had to be pulled out in or... READ MORE

Ice Blasting in Commercial Properties

Ice BlastingThis commercial property had fire damage that coated the walls in smoke and soot. This type of fire damage takes a special kind of cleaning to make ... READ MORE

Residential Fire Damaged Items

Residential Fire DamageThis item came from the home of a residential fire damage. This priceless plate and many others had thick layers of smoke and soot damage... READ MORE

Fire Damage from Residential Home in London

Fire Damaged PlatesThese two plates are a perfect example of what SERVPRO can do for you fire damaged items. We take our special products made uniquely for SERV... READ MORE

Mold Damage Cleanup

Mold DamageSERVPRO understands the name of the game when it comes to cleaning up your mold damage. In this photo, the wall underneath the paint was covered in m... READ MORE

Soot Damaged Dresser during Home Fire

This wooden dresser was damaged during a kitchen fire. The house was filled with heavy smoke and soot. The homeowner did not want to have to replace furniture. ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage in London, KY

This before and after photo set demonstrates how a water damage in a commercial building can cause a lot of damage. This commercial property had water damage an... READ MORE