Recent Before & After Photos

Soot Damaged Dresser during Home Fire

This wooden dresser was damaged during a kitchen fire. The house was filled with heavy smoke and soot. The homeowner did not want to have to replace furniture. ... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage in London, KY

This before and after photo set demonstrates how a water damage in a commercial building can cause a lot of damage. This commercial property had water damage an... READ MORE

Water Damage from Storm Event

This is a flooded room in a residential property. These homeowners had water damage from a recent storm and flood. The before photo shows a dry floor from SERVP... READ MORE

Flood Water Damage in London, KY

The before image is some of customer's worst nightmares. You go to bed and wake up with your beloved items floating in water. Or you go on vacation only to come... READ MORE

Water Damage Cleanup in Basement of Kentucky Home

In these before and after photos, the water damage in this basement demonstrates how SERVPRO works fast to keep your items from more damages. Our company missio... READ MORE

Residential Carpet-- Water Damaged Bedroom

This is a flooded bedroom in Somerset, Kentucky. The owners of this home had a pipe burst in the bathroom, and it saturated some of their bedroom flooring as we... READ MORE

Water Damage to Floors in Commercial Property

This commercial property flooded in from floor to ceiling. The damage was called in as an emergency to get the water out as soon as possible. They know with SER... READ MORE

Musty, Mold Problems Strike Again

In this before and after photo, the mold growth is ever present in the first photo. The owners of this commercial property called SERVPRO immediately when they ... READ MORE

Storm Damages can cause Wet Walls

Storm damage can come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It may not always be the case of lightening or hail damage to the outside of a property. This home had s... READ MORE

Storm Damage can lead to Sump Pump Failure

The before photo shows sewage contents on the floor of a home. This home experienced a sewage failure during a storm, which led to the contents spreading over t... READ MORE